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Executive Committee Officers

Chapter President Mr. Steve Hesler
EVP Vacant
Treasurer Mr. Dan Barnett
1st VP, Programs and Industry Relations Mr. Carl Pignato
2d VP, Memberships Mr. Dane Acord
VP, NCO and Soldier Programs Mr. Ricky Young
VP, Secretary, Media and Communications Ms. Melissa House
Immediate Past President Mr. Rocky Kmiecik


Board of Directors (three year TOS)

VP, Industry Day Vacant
VP, Annual Mtg and Moore Night Vacant
VP, Recruiting Command Mr. Tom Thornhill
VP, ROTC Mr. Tom Thornhill
VP, Community Partners Mr. Martin Celestine
VP, Retiree Council Mr. Dane Acord
VP, Chamber of Commerce Mr. Ted Maciuba
VP, Leadership and Education Mr. Ted Maciuba
VP,  Family Programs Ms. Lynda Morgan
VP, Young Professionals Mr.Greg Bell (P).
Mr.Tom Thornhill (Alt)
Mr. Anthony Judge (Alt)
Mr. Chris Kennedy (Alt)
VP at Large Mr. Peter Jones
VP at Large Mr. Melvin Jackson

Fort Moore Liaisons (nonvoting Board Members)

MCDID Liaison Mr. John Miller
Armor School Liaison Mr. George Desario
Infantry School Liaison Mr. Gary Fox