President’s Corner

President’s Corner                                                                                          August 2023

Welcome to August and the start of another school year for our kids and grandchildren. Like you, I continue to read stories about our changing society and the value we as a Nation place on our much needed military preparedness.  I am incredibly proud of the work our volunteer Chapter Board members do for the community…recognizing great student achievements, rewarding Soldier and unit competitions, and aiding in the mission of Fort Moore and the Maneuver Center of Excellence in developing young Soldiers and Leaders for our Army.

As I reported in June, the Chapter will hold our inaugural Moore Night Celebration on Tuesday 10 October during the AUSA Annual Conference held in Washington, DC. As part of that celebration, we will continue our 20+ year tradition of preparing the Warrior Punch as we remember the many campaigns our Army has fought in.

The next AUSA/MCoE Industry Day will be held in the Columbus Iron Works on 28 February 2024 as part of the “Industry Week” that will once again follow the AEWE Insights Day to be held on 27 February on Fort Moore.  It will be hard to outdo the cast of senior Army leaders from AFC and the Army that spoke during our 2023 Industry Day but stay tuned as we outdo ourselves in 2024!

None of what we are able to accomplish as a Chapter can occur without the ongoing support of our dedicated Chapter volunteers and the financial generosity of our Industry Team and Community Partners.

Thank you for your continued confidence in the CV/FM Chapter!

v/r Steve

Steve Hesler
President, CV/FM Chapter